Lawsuit Threshold Limitations

In New Jersey, you are given numerous choices when selecting all aspects of your insurance coverage. One decision centers on lowering your premium costs in exchange for minimizing your rights to sue a negligent driver for damages. If you have questions regarding your rights or are battling your insurance company following a serious accident, contact an experienced lawyer at once.

Phrases such as zero threshold, no threshold, tort threshold or limitation on lawsuit threshold can seem intimidating with no context. With nearly 35 years of experience, the law firm of Philip E. Miller PC can provide the aggressive representation you need.

Trading Lower Premiums For Future Compensation

Attorney Philip E. Miller accepts threshold cases to help injured clients. Whether these individuals were misinformed or were not properly educated on the impact of their decision, the financial ramifications can be devastating.

When you purchase insurance, you can elect whether you want to save money in exchange for limiting the circumstances under which you can recover for bodily injury and pain and suffering.

  • Verbal or limitation on lawsuit threshold: Choosing this type of coverage severely limits your ability to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver. If you have selected this option, only certain types of injuries are covered — death, dismemberment, loss of a fetus, significant disfigurement, displaced fracture or permanent injury. Choosing the verbal threshold can effectively bar you or severely restrict you from recovering the compensation you are owed following a significant accident.
  • Zero limitation or no limitation on lawsuit: Choosing this option provides an unlimited right to sue. An injured individual retains the right to seek compensation from the person who caused the accident regardless of the level of injury.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident caused by the negligence or inattention of another driver, you need to act quickly to protect your rights. Whether the matter is settled through negotiation or in court, Philip E. Miller is the attorney you want on your side.

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